Angostrura Chapman - Party Preperation

Key Ingredient

3 Liters glass Jug Ice

25 dashes of Angostura Bitters

3 bottles Sprite (35cl)

3 bottles Fanta (35cl) or a pack of 1 Liter orange fruit juice

Garnish: with 8 lemon slice, 12 cucumber slice

Angostura Grenadine Syrup (100ml)

Plenty of Ice cube, enjoy

Standard Chapman

Fill the glass halfway with ice cubes

Pour a capful of Angostura Grenadine (for that red glow)

Pour in 3-5 Dashes of Angostura Bitters Angostura Brand of Bitters

Pour in equal amounts Fanta/ Orange Juice and Sprite then mix it up

Add in a slice of lemon, garnish with a cucumber slice and dip-in a cocktail straw.

Peasre a cocktail Parasol into the Cucumber on the corner of the glass cup

Sip slowly and try not to hum too much as your taste-buds go into a frenzy.

STEP 1 Fill the glass halfway with ice cubes
STEP 2 Pour Orange Cordial ( 200ml) or Orange Fruit Juice 400ml into a clean 2 liter Jug
STEP 3 Pour Black currank Cordial ( 200ml)
STEP 4 Pour in a plastic of Sprite or 7up
STEP 5 Add 25-30 dashes of Angostura Aromatic Bitters - the most essential ingredient
STEP 6  
STEP 7 Pour in small quantity of lemon juice
STEP 8 Finally, add Angostura Grenadine Syrup ( 100ml) to get it to the lovely red color
STEP 9 Stir with straw or cocktail stirrers
STEP 10 Fill the sevice glass cups with ice
STEP 11 Add slices of lemon / lime
Also add slices of cucumber
Now pour from the mug of Angostura Chapman into the glass cups
Add straws & serve

Watch video below




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