Angostura Partners with Nigeria Youth (NYSC)

NYSC The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) was established by government with a policy to compel every Nigerian student to undergo a mandatory Civic Service to the country for a period of one (1) year upon the successful completion of their tertiary education across the country.
As a result, ANI Group saw the need for these young school leavers to become empowered and self-reliant given our understanding of the precarious economic situation of the country and the challenges of securing white-collar jobs at the labour market.

With, that in mind we secured an order from the officials of the corps to enable ANI Group participate and showcase our self-empowerment scheme to the corps members during the last passing-out/convocation in 2013 at the Lagos zone, located at NYSC Orientation Camp at Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos-Nigeria.

BUSINESS DIMENSION OF ANGOSTURA BITTERS FOR CORP MEMBERS A practical business model was developed by ANI Group which provided adequate and easy-to-implement details for indoor and outdoor services which will in turn provide meaningful income for the corp members. (Please see attached preparation guide for more details).

Expectedly, many of the corp members expressed tremendous interest in the scheme owing to the economic benefits to be derived. (Please find attached images of corp members receiving free tutorials on the business model).


To further create awareness of Angostura to the corp members which was largely unknown to majority of them, ANI Group decided to serve iced-cold glasses of chapman to a multitude of the corp members numbering over five (5) thousand.

Many got the opportunity of enjoying the different flavours of the cocktail gotten from Angostura mixers and syrups such as; Blue Curacao, Mojito, Daiquiri, Grenadine syrup and others.

The atmosphere was quite frenzy as the corp members witnessed first-hand preparation of chapman by our seasoned bartenders who were also inspired by the interest shown by the corp members as they prepared more and more dispenser load of chapman.

Many posed to take photographs with displayed Angostura Products, the bartenders as well as some officials of ANI Group who monitored the events as they unfolded.
Interviews were conducted and the corp members made quite encouraging opinions about chapman and the Angostura Brand as a whole. (Please find the attached pictures for details)

In addition, an online opinion poll was monitored through our dedicated
Truly, the message was clear that Angostura Bitters and other Angostura Brand Products have the huge potential to promote economic prosperity to humanity.

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