Angostura stamps authority at Nigeria Wine & Spirits Festival (Lagos 2010)

it was all exciting two days at the just concluded Nigeria Wine & Spirits Festival captioned “Lagos 2010” which ran from Friday, June 4 to Saturday, June 5. The event, organised by Spronks Creations Limited was according to the CEO, Aderonke Sobodu, “to celebrate the tradition of wine & Spirit consumption as part of our lifestyle as a people, create an avenue for local distilleries, importers and sellers alike to showcase their various unique offerings to their prospective consumers and as well as serve as a forum for importers, wine collectors, club owners, hoteliers, restaurant owners, beverage caterers, wine & liquor stores, private wine clubs, to interact commercially”.

The event, held at the popular Lagoon Restaurant, Victoria Island, drew a lot of visitors; wine and spirit enthusiasts, merchants, hoteliers, bar owners, supermarket owners. With over 25 exhibitors setting up stands to showcase their offerings to visitors at the fair, the fair surely lived up to its billing as a festival as visitors and exhibitors were treated to warm time by a standing Jazz Band and violinists. The Jazz band and violinists thrilled both the visitors and the exhibitors to cool beautiful music to the admiration of all. The serene location of Lagoon Restaurant facing the Lagoon, was a natural setting to enjoy the day with wide varieties of wines and spirits till the early hours of the night, each day.

Some of the exhibitors at the festival were the South African brand, Amarula fruit cream, Nederburg company wine, from South Africa, Richelieu Brandy, Extreme Energy Drink, J.C.LeRoux sparkling wine all being marketed by Next International Limited; sparkling wine brands like Ferrari, Berlucci, cederbrg table wine from Italy and being marketed by Best Trade Nigeria Limited; varieties of Valdi Vieso wine from Chile being marketed by Lotaluora Investments Limited, and varieties of Laurent-Perries champagne, Pongracz wine, Cape Macleas South African red wine, Don Romeon red wine, Grand Pegalle marketed by Cross Link limited.

One particular stand carried the day at the two day event,  the Angostura stand; marketed in Nigeria by Igwegbe A & Sons Enterprises Limited (ANI GROUP), the company showcased their Angostura Aromatic bitters which is popular worldwide for making various cocktails at bars, restaurants and hotels, varieties of their Angostura syrups and mixers  Grenadine syrup, Blue Curaco, Bloody Mary and Triple Sec. With a professional barman to attend to the various cocktail needs of various clients that trooped to the stand to have a taste of colorful and tasty drinks. According to the Executive Director Marketing, Charles Ezechukwu, “Angostura Aromatic Bitters is a friend of all liquors; because there is so much interesting tastes we can get from every spirit, wine and beverage when they are dashed and blended with good measure of Angostura Bitters”.

Visitors went from one stand to the other sampling drinks while engaging stand attendants on their products. The fair provided a great opportunity for merchants looking for great taste to buy, hoteliers and bars looking for new brands in the market, wine & spirit family met and spoke in one language and other business people looking to make new contacts met their aspirations; the festival offered all that and more as visitors savoured, gulped and sipped into the cool evening last Saturday night. As the festival ended, it was obvious that much will be expected from the next edition next year going by the high standards exhibited by the organizers this year.

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