Angostura celebrates with Nigeria at 50

As Nigeria prepares for its Golden Jubilee celebration, ANI Group Limited, exclusive distributor of Angostura Bitters, Rum & Cocktail mixers, has floated a sales promotion, tagged, “Angostura flavors Nigeria” promo, which it said, was aimed at inspiring Nigerians to achieve greater feats.

Many corporate organisations have been making preparations to celebrate the nation‘s 50th anniversary in different ways. But ANI Group said this would be its unique way of marking”the occasion in a memorable and spectacular way.”

The company said it had over the years contributed toward the development of the Angostura Chapman, “Nation’s favorite cocktail”. ”It is in line with appreciating Nigerians and celebrating the golden anniversary that we have launched a new campaign in partnership with various bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants” it said.

According to him, the campaign goes beyond marketing; it is a socio-cultural celebration of Angostura Chapman bond with the people of Nigeria.

The ‘Naija spirit that keeps the Nigerian going even in the face of challenges. This optimistic spirit of Nigerians is what makes him/her one of the happiest individuals and that is the spirit that Angostura wants to celebrate with Nigerians.”

”All a consumer has to do is to buy a mug of Angostura Chapman or Angostura Bitters & Mixers from partner outlets and automatically qualify for a raffle draw. Consumers stand a chance of Angostura branded, T-shirts, Caps, Pens, Mugs, Glass cup, Bags & the grand prize of Angostura Aromatic Bitters “the friend of all liquors & true secret for rich & fruity Chapman” 

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