Angostura Cocktail Night at De Chill Hind Surulere Lagos (Know As Club 38)

The Angostura team stormed the De chill hind also known as Club 38. It was a night of celebration as the team gave out free glasses of Angostura Chapman to the delight of club owner Mr. C.J

Gifts and prizes of branded Angostura T Shirts, face caps and drinks were also presented to clubbers.
The team was lead by Mr. Nature – Brand Manager and some members of the executives of the company which include Mr. Alex  and  their in house bartender- Mr. Femi

Similarly, Angostura Rum the newest product from the stable of Angostura was introduced to the excited crowd. This was facilitated by the DJ of the club –DJ Ocean, who equally sang the praise of the Angostura Rum and enjoined the people to try the rum with their mixes and cocktails. The event will linger for a long time in the mind of the club members.

Angostura Cocktail night is a forth nightly event sponsored by the distributor of Angostura Bitters and other Angostura products in Nigeria and West Africa. Watch out for the next event which is coming soon to your doorstep with a BANG!

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