The ANI Group, the exclusive distributor of Angostura products in Nigeria is seeking to partner with the major QSRs in Nigeria like KFC, Pizza Hut, Chicken Republic, Tantalizers, Tastee Fried Chicken and Mr. Biggs in launching the Angostura dispenser services to the general public.

This is an exciting platform to promote this proudly Nigerian drink “Angostura Chapman”. However we are proposing this more hygienic platform to serve Chapman in these outlets, which will be quicker, convenient & more hygenic than the conventional bar mixtology.

Beyond the profit making side of serving Angostura Chapman, it also provides the QSRs an avenue to maximize profit by non-reliance on service attendants who manually prepare the Angostura Chapman teeming customers. These attendants in most cases take advantage of the situation to short change the operators and customers in terms of profits and quality service respectively by adulterating the Chapman (during the manual preparation) for selfish gains, thus making it lose its unique value.

Most of the QSRs we have been talking to have a very large customer base and will require 8-10 bartenders to make/ prepare Chapman during their peak period which translates to huge costs being incurred by the management.

In the light of the above, we suggest a high powered automatic beverage dispenser (as seen above), which have been very successful in the U.S and other parts of the world, due to these unique features

1.  Angostura Chapman dispenser is highly hygienic

2.  Its very user friendly and affordable.

3.  Accountability (in built counter) & dispense accurate quantity as programmed

4.  Very quick to serve/dispense drink

5.  More appealing & attractive when compared to other dispensers

6.  It has an inbuilt cooling system that will ensure its always served chilled

7.  Angostura Chapman dispenser is environmentally friendly

8. Quality control (mixes & dispenses uniform & the same quality of drinks to all customers)

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